What is the background for the program

Keys2Balance is a combination of Western psychology, i.e Jung and Maslow and Eastern wisdom. Carita Nyberg brought the concept manily used in Psychotherapy in the US  to Finland in 2002 has further developed it for workplace situations. Carita is not a psychologist, her business background helps understand the challenges Leaders and Teams. are facing. 

How is this different from MBTI or DISC

Keys2Balance has 9 Keys and offers a unique perspective into individuals with more than 100.000 combinations of Personality Traits. The process is a Journey of Self-discovery, led by the Trainer, not entirely based on an assessment.

pricing and feedback

The pricing is according to group size and length of the program. A full day is typically 2800 e/15 participants and a 1/2 day 2000 e.

The feedback is excellent, on average 4.5/5.


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