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July 31, 2018


Read the statements and mark those which apply to you. Count the marks for each group, 1, 2 and 3, to find the group in which you have the most marks, and therefore which group is most like you. If you end up with a tie, think about which group explains you better and start from there. The score won’t necessarily give you a final answer, however you will eventually end up with the right reaction sequence through reading and practicing the exercises in this book.

NB: People who know you well could be of great help, so if you are feeling indecisive, please ask them to comment how they perceive you.




 How you react and communicate


Group 1.   ________ marks

  1. I like to analyse situations.

  2. When something sudden happens, it is normal for a question to crop up in my mind.

  3. I’m good at explaining things accurately.

  4. Discussions are a good tool for problem solving.

  5. I like to find logical answers to all things that bother me.

Group 2.    ________ marks

  1. I can easily sense others emotions.

  2. My moods tend to change rapidly.

  3. I get a strong emotional response when faced with a sudden situation.

  4. People say that I show my feelings openly.

  5. I tend not to analyse, preferring to work with my instincts and mood.

Group 3.   ________ marks

  1. It feels great to move around.

  2. I would rather do something than just talk about it.

  3. People usually see me as a highly active person.

  4. I am good at finding action points or steps when solving a problem.

  5. When something suddenly comes up, I act immediately.



communication styles – Summary


Count your marks from the previous page.


Group 1.  ___________  Thinker

Group 2.  ___________  Feeler

Group 3.  ___________  Doer


Write down your scores from highest to lowest and this is likely to be your reaction sequence.


1.  Communication style (Primary) ____________________________________



2.  Communication style (Trap) __________________________________________



3.  Communication style (Balancer) __________________________________




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