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Reclaim the Best You

Welcome to Keys2Balance, a unique self-inquiry method that is both deep and very practical. It has a proven record of creating positive change very fast in the workplace. If you need transformative keys for your Leaders and experts, embark on a Journey to self-mastery. Understanding your unique source codes empowers you and sets you free from outer influenceand thrive as you are connected to your full potential.

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Keys2Balance is the most comprehensive and powerful model I have seen in my 30+ years as an Executive Coach. It is both deep and practical and takes leaders on an amazing Journey.

Michael Banks, Executive Coach, Podcast Host, Author

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Carita Nyberg, Founder and Master Trainer

Carita has developed a unique, deep yet practical methodology to help leaders unleash their full potential and thrive both on a personally and professionally. After two decades of transformative work in Finland, she is now building a global Keys2Balance Trainers’ network.

With decades of experience in corporate leadership roles, Carita understands the people challenges leaders are facing from the inside out. She helps leaders and teams connect deeper with their true selves and transform what is blocking them from success. She is an inspirational, energizing, and transformative trainer, providing fast and practical tools to tap into authenticity.

Carita has been called the Magician as her Superpower is that she can see the true, often hidden essence in people and help leaders to reconnect with their own gifts and unique nature. She is also known for her inspiring doer style in enabling leaders to grow. Welcome on a Transformative Journey to discover the best you.

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Mervi Lehtola, Senior Coach

As a Keys2Balance Senior Coach I deepen your self-awareness to find your authentic self. This will enhance your understanding of individual differences, and improve your skills as a leader. Welcome on a Transformative Journey to discover the best you.